Raising Your Vibration (THE CRYSALIS PODCAST: Episode 2)

How LOW can you go? I know what rock bottom feels like, and it’s the best place to begin a story, Queen.

When I filed for a divorce and quit my job, I was down in the dumps. It took a lot of patience and self love to begin to raise my vibe to begin attracting blessings and joy into my life. Now, I can work from anywhere, I’ve attracted the love of my life and I am walking in power and authenticity.

Really, the joy and beauty is all around you….do you feel it? Well, grab a cup of tea and let me love on you with my next episode of The Crysalis Podcast – Raising Your Vibration!

Lift yourself with these mood boosting tips to raise your vibration. To attract what you desire and manifest your dreams, you have to be in the right vibrational frequency. In this episode, you’ll learn practical tips to boost your joy and lift your vibe. You’ll also learn more about me and why I created The Crysalis!

I’m so stoked because The Crysalis podcast is now available everywhere! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, AnchorFM and more! (link in BIO)

The Crysalis podcast, coaching and online training programs, books and live events are all designed to inspire fellow Goddesses with effective lifestyle tips, mindset advice, and business strategies. This episode is sponsored by @AwakenedCreators. Visit us at @TheCrysalis

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