Try This 60-Second Simple Self-Care Tip

Are you stuck in a cycle of self-beat up today? Try this simple self-care hack that you can complete in just 60 seconds and start feeling better now!

  1. Start by sitting or relaxing into a quiet, comfortable position. Close your eyes and take three, long deep cleansing breaths.
  2. Hold in your mind a picture of a person or place that is most important to you and brings you joy. Perhaps picture your greatest motivation – remind yourself of the ultimate reason “why” you work so hard to strive for better. Or, imagine your hearts deepest desire just came true today. What type of feelings would you experience? Imagine feeling them now!
  3. Take 3 more deep breaths repeating the following phrase: “I’m doing the best I can and I’m gentle with myself. I am surrounded by love and the universe (or God) is working things out for my good! Everything is working out for me because I’m valuable, capable and loved.”

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